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Kiiwik Ambiental

Sisal Festival

Kiiwiik Ambiental Sisal Festival

During the last 5 years the environmental Kiiwik festival has been held at the end of the year, with the support of the municipality of Hunucmá, this festival represents an environmental education forum where groups, associations, educational and governmental institutions are invited to give talks and workshops focused on conservation, this festival is accompanied by a cultural program that includes the elaboration of environmental murals in Sisal, music and dance.

As a result of this festival the port of Sisal has been painted 25 murals, and is being managed to influence the environmental culture of the community. This festival has been funded by the support of entrepreneurs such as the Legorreta Hernández Foundation, Osel painting, Sisal restaurateurs and authorities but mainly for the support and self-management of the community.


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