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Science Club in Sisal

The science club in sisal was born in October 2017, after receiving training the program adopts a talent PAUTA A.C. and with the support of LANRESC, to implement science workshops based on the development of scientific skills in boys and girls.

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Project of feral fauna sterilization campaigns as a strategy for ecosystem conservation

The community center Chimay is the coordinator of the feral wildlife sterilization campaign project as a strategy for ecosystem conservation; in Sisal April 15, 2017 (45 animals operated in April), another in Texán de Palomeque on September 17, 2017 (50 animals operated), and on April 15 the 2nd Sterilization Campaign in Sisal is being programmed, these campaigns have been sponsored by the Legorreta Hernández Foundation and participation of volunteers and the association of veterinarians the ARCA DE NOE A.C.

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Sustainable school project

In May 2017, the Sustainable School Project at Amado Nervo Elementary and the Community Telebachillerato de Sisal began with the weekly training of students and staff to manage a recycling station donated by the Chimay Community Center, SEDUMA and the company PROSOLECO, this summer it is expected to obtain certification as a sustainable school by SEDUMA for both schools. This program is coordinated by the Chimay Community Center and SEDUMA.

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